Thursday, 18 October 2007

Things are getting worse

well they are, my mood has gone from sky high to just about as low as I ever get. I have got through school ok, but now I'm at home with my own thoughts i just feel so upset and frustrated. I probably shouldn't even be saying this, as some small minded individuals can't seem to take criticism, even when they can't do the job they're meant to do, oopsy I shouldn't point that out.I should simply let them stumble around in ignorance.
Part of this black mood is annoyance at myself, I never particularly liked the person who has upset me anyway, but now I they have shown themselves to be a small minded power freak I like them even less. Why should I let the opinion of someone who I dislike so much affect me, I have friends who now feel the same thing about this person, so why am I so upset??
anyway that probably makes no sense, I'm going to go and try to pull my head together, sort myself out for this weekend, because this person no longer deserves any of the help I usually give, and who says I shouldn't go and make him look as stupid as possible!
I also have yet another guide meeting to go to, after the success of last nights district meeting (completely spoiled by that idiot), so I had better get my head around everything I need to get done for Monday.

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