Monday, 22 October 2007

another weekend away

Firstly, thank you to Niobe for her kind comments on my last 2 posts, it was so nice to get home last night and read them. Niobe, I've sent you an email, but just in case anyone else was wondering, I am ok, I've just got back from a weekend away with my friends, and am feeling much better. I won't deny that sometimes I missed having Lex to keep me company, and just to share the things that went on, but it really was ok!
Of course al this was helped by one of the most epic weekends away in recent history!
The rugby on Saturday night was missed because of a long night spent driving up and down the valley worrying about a group of our climbers who were missing. In the end all was well, but by that point it was nearly 10pm, and we'd well and truly missed the rugby!I even had my own mini accident and if it wasn't for some sharp catching by my brother I might have been in need of mountain rescue myself! We then nearly had a mini panic, as by that point the fuel warning light was on on the minibus. On the Sunday someone else managed to sprain their ankle, and was lucky it wasn't worse!
as for today, I'm so grateful I don't have to be in all day, as i really need to do a bit of catching up!

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