Saturday, 22 September 2007

they grow up so fast

I have just helped move my little brother in to his university accommodation. Like me he's come to Sheffield, unlike me, his accommodation is newly built. So new that the builders' take away was still in the kitchen, and the outside is still a building site!
It is all very nice and new though, with an en-suite bathroom (I didn't have one), and a flat socialising area. I'm a little jealous, after all three years ago this was me, and life wasn't nearly so scary back then.
In a years time I will have got a job, be in a new flat in I'm not quite sure where. I'll be paying back my student loan, which I think currently stands at about £30,000, not helped by them doubling the interest rate for this year. It's supposed to be at the same rate as inflation, now if inflation is at 4.8% then the economy is in big trouble. Its bad enough that the grant system our parents and everyone else enjoyed untill the mid 90s was abolished, it's even worse that they're ripping off people who have no other options by doing this. If you're a UK resident you can sign one of those 10 downing street petitions here.

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