Saturday, 8 September 2007

Sport of Men

The rugby world cup has started, this brings back so many memories. The last time it happened was 4 years ago in Australia. I was doing volunteer work in an animal sanctuary in Thailand. This time is in France, so the timing is much better for us in the UK, getting up at 7am to watch sport is beyond the call of duty.
I love rugby players, so much better than football (soccer) players, these are real men. None of the swearing at the ref, they all love their Mum, respect each other, but you still wouldn't want to meet them down a dark alley (well depending on who it was ;-) )

For any Americans reading this if you like sport check out rugby, it's like American football, without the body armor, and without the funny number shouting (can you tell I don't get the rules!). Plus they've started wearing tight jerseys, and for the most part, oh my!

Edited to add- the first match is over, England have been rubbish, the USA on the other hand have been good and really put their hearts in to it. We'll need to play better against the Samoans, and even more scarily the South Africans. We still won though.

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