Friday, 15 June 2007

Ill, blinking kids.

Well I'm still up to all of the things listed in my previous post, however it would seem that the lovely year 7s on monday have given me a cold. i don't feel too bad, but my nose is so bunged up, the type where you can only breath through your mouth and just look a bit stupid.
Oh and it drips, constantly, i have used more tissues than i can carry round with me over the past 3 days! the first week in school has been great, all the teachers are really friendly, with one exception but as I write this in my real name it's probably not a good idea to write about that. I can see i will need to get an anonymous blog when I actually start doing this job for real. even better is that it's confirming what I want to do, I'm getting so excited about the idea of teaching.
The weather at the moment is a little annoying, think rain, and lots of it (a months worth in one day!), just when i have to drive to work. There have been a few minor aquaplaning moments on the motorways this morning simply due to the volume of water out the sky, having wipers on full pelt just didn't help one bit. Getting up at 6.20 and doing 2 hours of driving a day while not on top form is getting a bit tiring as well, i have to pick Lex up from work at 10, and then i feel an early night is very much in order.
I returned the keys to the house the other night, so officially I'm now homeless until we get in to the new flat, I'm staying with Lex until then. When I went in to get the meter readings Who should appear but Stinky for some reason he became known as Stinky, I don't know why but it kind of suited him even though he didn't smell. So I told him I'm sure the next people would love him lots and gave him a big cuddle, and felt very sad at putting a soggy cat out in the rain! I also discovered why our house was so damp, because of all the rain a large puddle appeared in the cellar, one mystery solved, and at least i no longer have to deal with the mold!

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