Tuesday, 12 June 2007

education, education, education

I'm a bad blogger at the moment, but who can blame me I've just moved house and I've started a new job (kind of). I'm doing a 3 week school placement scheme called the Student Associate Scheme. Basically it's a government scheme to put university students in secondary schools to give them experience of teaching, and to raise the aspirations of pupils about going to universities. It's a really good scheme, though the promoting university bit bridles me a little. The government wants 50% of our students to go to university and I think this is just mad. It just devalues university education, and gets students in debt and they come out with a meaningless degree that will be worth nothing. It's much quoted that graduates earn more than non-graduates but not if your degree is in golf course studies, Madonna studies, or Peace studies.
Anyway I digress the school is a really great school. The staff are all really friendly, and the school has a great atmosphere. Should be a good 3 weeks.

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