Tuesday, 17 April 2007

My own personal hell is over!

I have written my dissertation, 2 days later than I wanted (I was aiming to have it done before I started back), but hey you can't have everything. I know my work on it isn't finished, but at least it means that I have 5185 words written, I'm not going to have to do the same slog again. It needs a good introduction, conclusion and abstract writing, but I need to remind myself of what I wrote 4 weeks ago and correct the bits that don't make sense. It feels like such a weight is gone from my shoulders. Now if only the university would publish the exam timetable so I can know how much revision I need to do before term ends!
It feels like this section of life is coming to an end. In 2 months I will no longer be living here, I will be living with Lex in our new flat. I will actually have a degree. A pile of information about my PGCE course arrived yesterday, it really bought it home that this is really happening to me, I have got a place, and I'm really looking forward to it.

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