Wednesday, 14 February 2007

more blogs.

Ok continuing from this mornings post, which was meant to be last nights post untill the internet crashed. Anyway a bit more about all the blogs I read.
Moving on from yesterdays large family blogs I think we'll have a change in direction
Meet Liza Doolittle and her tribe of animals, 3 of them to be precise. Now Liza ia slightly unusual in my world of blogs in that not only do I not know the names of her children but I don't even know their sex. As a result I have Liza to thank for introducing me to the word "thon". Now Liza's animals are all animals with various special needs, in order to keep her life relatively private she doesn't reveal many of the exact conditions, but many of her posts are devoted to the challenges living with 3 children with various special needs. I coudl explain them here, but to be honest, Liza will do it better. I like reading Liza blog because it makes me thankful that everyone I know is well, but at the same time makes me realise that life doesn't end if your children happen to have a disorder. (and I hope that comes across ok, I don't have the skill with words that many of teh bloggers I read do, anyway I really admire Liza, and again she's another person I would love to meet!)

And finally for this blog post we have Cecily of and I wasted all that birth control
Now to quote the details at the top of her blog, this is a blog about .... parenting after infertility, pre-eclampsia and loss, sobriety, being fat, politics and more...
Now when I discover a new blog I really like the look of I always go back and read all the previous entries. Doing this with Cecily's reduced me to tears. Again I'm not going to go in to details on here, but I don't think I've read a more moving series of blog posts. Basically the blog started about her and her husbands journey through infertility treatment, and now mainly focuses on her gorgeous daughter. However Cecily does talk about other subjects, like trying to loose weight, movies, and politics. In part I like this because I like people to open my eyes to things that I can otherwise go through life being unaware of.

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