Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Do I spend too much time ...

My boyfriend reckons I spend too much time on the internet. He may have a point, but don't tell him I said that! this week I have reached number 38 in the UKClimbing top 40 posters for the last week. This is just plain worrying, so I've decided that I'll just have to find some more blogs to read instead. he also thinks it odd that I read all about other peoples lives, when I'll never met them, but then again I think he does lots of odd things to!
Anyway the point of this post (written for the 2nd time by the way, stupid internet died!) was to go through all the blogs I read and work out why I read them. Now I currently read 15 blogs, so i think this is going to turn in to something of a serial drama!

Anyway first up, in no particular order is
Mom to the Screaming Masses
Carmen has 6 kids, is Catholic, and American. Now on that basis nothing in our lives is similar, I have no kids, and I'm not sure if I want any, and definitely not 6, very definite Aetheist, and British. However her style of writing is beautifully funny, and very entertaining. She makes trying to decide what colour to paint a room interesting and funny.

Next we have
Notes from the Trenches
Chris has 7 kids, and homeschools them all. Like Carmen her blog mostly focuses on the lives of her kids, but again like Carmen she writes about it in such an amusing way. Chris also has a very British style of sarcasm, that can almost make you foget she's on a different continent. Americans aren't usually known for their sarcastic sense of humour, but boy does Chris use it well.

I like reading both Carmen and Chris' blogs because they remind me to think outside how a person classifies themself. Americans generally have a pretty bad reputation in this country, but I both Chris and Carmen remind me that not all Americans conform to their reputation.

By the way, this post was better first time round, but I don't have time to go back and change it, really have to go to lectures, who said students laze around all day doing nothing!

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