Saturday, 2 December 2006

I've been ............ bouldering, must wash out mouth!

Well since my last post I've been on yet another weekend away. (I'm really rubbish at writing regulary, I'm very sorry!)
Yet again we were in North Wales, though this time the weather wasn't quite as good. Lots and lots and lots of rain!
Saturday was spent driving to Llandudno. We had planned to spend the morning in teh Salte Museum in Llanberis, but only the Welsh would decide that the one day a tourist attraction closed would be a Saturday!
Anyway we had a go on a toboggan run, and then went bouldering (for those of you that know me you'll know what a sacrifice that was!) However I did actually quite enjoy it.

The Sunday I decided to be nice and go and play with some freshers on some multi pitch on Little Tryfan. We had a very nice day and I actually managed to get more than 1 route done in a whole weekend! All that was left to look forward to was the drive home in a minibus, with only me driving. For all you 3rd years with too much work you missed out. We had a great weekend despite the weather. And anyway I always judge a weekend away by the level of bruising sustained. Our exploits kitchen bouldering on friday night can still be seen on my legs!

The Christmas dinner was also fab, and a welcome start to my estimated 3 christmas dinners this year. Speaking of which, it's now December, I really had better get the last of my shopping sorted, I started off so well, and did loads part way through November, since then it's all gone a bit wrong!
Anyway I'm off to go and cook some tea, my belly's rumbling and then I really need to do some work. A post about my mountains of work may follow in a few days, as the amount I have to do is unbelievable!

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