Wednesday, 22 November 2006

All hail Welsh slate

Ok so I'm not in so much of a hating mood as I was when I wrote my last post! Anyway since then I've been away again (last weekend in fact, but hey I'm slow!). Far more successful weekend, only got one route done this time but it was on some lovely slate, however I then fell over in the car park and resprained my ankle (it's along story I'll tell it if I get bored one day.) So that put pay to any climbing for the rest of the weekend. I therefore spent the next day driving about North Wales in a minibus, mostly dropping off bikers, the picture is of my lovely boyfriend on the bike he has spent a small fortune fixing for this weekend!

The slate was surprising good fun, I'd never climbed on it before and I really enjoyed it. My humble acheivemnets wereput in to perspective by watching Aly climb some ridiculous nails looking E4 called Poetry Pink. the guy seriously needs his head examining, I'll add a photo as soon as I get sent any, unfortunately I forgot my camera so I had to borrow one.

If you were followed by a large red minibus then you really need to speed up your driving, as for those I overtook you need to hand in your license! Oh yeah I also passed my minibus test with all of 3 minors, so I'm very pleased with that. And I also quite enjoy driving the, in fact it's my main reason for going on the nest weekend away!

Well that with the fact that we seem to be collecting annoying kids at work, we have the attention seeker who refuses to come down the wall just so she gets all your time, the kids who are obnoxious brats who don't seem to think they have to listen to you, and the kids who spend their whole time fighting. I swear I feel like a boxing referee and UN peace keeper all rolled into one! All made worse by the fact that I can do very little about their dreadful behavior, some kids are however on their last warning before we say we don't want them, as even the liberal Terry has had enough of sorting out the aftermath from their fights!

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