Sunday, 14 April 2013


It's hard to believe it's only a full year since I was heading off to my first fibre show as an exhibitor. A lot seems to have happened since then, but it's been the most fantastic experience.
My Wonderwool preparations for this year are all finished, something I'm very grateful for as it means I can take time out to support a close friend of mine. I knew my OCD tendencies would come in useful eventually!
I'll have lots of batts, hand blended roving, a full collection of all my gradients, all of my Birds Collection, Learn to Spin Kits, hand turned Niddy Noddys, Spindle Cases, Yarnmaker magazines (including the new edition), and dyed fibre. I've finally managed to unthaw the caravan and I got some Silk Brick, Cashmere, Baby Camel/Silk, Teeswater/Silk, BFL/Baby Camel, Jacob/Silk, Superwash BFL/Nylon, Southdown, BFL/Ramie, Silk Hankies, and Dyed Silk Noil, Longwool Locks, and Firestar dyed.

I'm at Stall K7 this year, one aisle further over than I was last year with a slightly bigger stand. It's till going to be packed with goodies though, I have lots of new things in comparison with a year ago, and a surprise which I think some people will be rather happy about.

Last year my surprise was this blend

Dafad was a blend of Shetland, BFL and Silk, exclusive to Wonderwool. Dafad is welsh for sheep, the local sheep breed is called Speckle Face. They're mostly white, with black markings around their eyes, so it seemed an appropriate name for a black and white gradient roving. 
It's blended in a way that lets you spin a gradually changing plyed yarn without any fiddling about dividing up a braid of fibre. Because it's handblended you also get super easy to spin fibre. 

This was the shawl Mum spun and knitted for me as a sample last year. 

The braids I listed in the shop have already sold out, but I'll be making more, and I'll also have some on the stand at Wonderwool. 


  1. That shawl is stunning! the yarn was spun as gradient and then knit opposite? (meaning ending in white & then starting in white)

    1. You end up with a skein that goes from black to white and then back out again, as you get 4 braids in each 100g set, so if you make a 2 ply yarn you go through 2 colour changes.