Tuesday, 19 February 2013


The calendar for 2013 is looking pretty full. Nearly every month for this year I'll be heading off to various parts of the country for a show or event. The full list of where I'll be is here.

The first show is Unravel in just 3 days time, things are pretty much ready, all the fibre is dyed and carded, and ready to be packed in the van. This has meant the shop has been a bit neglected recently, but when I get back I'm planning on spending a bit of time restocking the shelves.

Not too much time though, because in 2 months time (April) I'll be off to my local show, Wonderwool Wales, probably my favourite of all the fibre festivals. I've got a bigger stand this year, so I've moved along an aisle from where I was last time, still in roughly the same part of the building though.

After that comes the grandaddy of British wool shows at the end of June, Woolfest was the original UK fibre festival, this year I'm hoping for slightly better weather! I'll be in exactly the same spot as last year, hopefully minus the leaky roof.

One month later in July I'll be at FibreEast in Bedford. I went as a visitor last year on a very muddy Sunday, but this year they've moved to a brand new indoor venue.

In August the Association of Guilds of Weaver, Spinners and Dyers Summer School is being held just down the road from me in Carmarthen. At the end of the week they hold a trade fair for local suppliers, and on Saturday 10th August the fair is open to the general public.

In September I'll be at a brand new event, Yarndale in Skipton, Yorkshire. There are already lots of great suppliers signed up to attend, so it looks like being a fabulous weekend.

October is looking like being a busy month, the start of October is the All Wales Guild event, this is in Llanidloes at the Minerva Centre. And finally, we twisted Antje's arm and there's going to be a Glasgow School of Yarn this year. No more details about that one, but keep an eye out for further announcements, there's usually a stellar cast of teachers (Amy Singer from Knitty, Woolly Wormhead, and Liz Lovik last year) offering workshops, and I'm sure this year will be no exception!

I love going to shows, both as a purchaser and an exhibitor. If you've never made it along to an event I really recommend it, there's something happening nearly everywhere in the country now. There's usually a corner where people are sitting creating, sharing skills and enabling others. Some of the big shows like Wonderwool and Woolfest have a designated interactive area where you can try drum carding, hackling, and generally ask for help on any particular skill. There's also nothing like seeing things in person. I always have a huge range of colours and fibres with me at shows, far more than is listed in the shop at any one point in time, and there are a few fantastic suppliers who don't have web shops.
If you do come along to a show, please stop by and say hello, I love meeting internet people in the flesh.

P.S. You're not too late to leave me a comment here, and win yourself a copy of Yarnmaker.

PPS. 20/2/13 Just picked the winner of the copy of Yarnmaker, I gave all the comments except mine a number and used a random number generator, which picked comment number 2, which is Joanne. Joanne, an email should be in your inbox.


  1. I'd so love to get to one of these shows one day, especially Wonderwool :D

  2. Mini shedfests all over the country by the look of it. I'm in one of those shows and hoping to visit another one. It will be great to see you.