Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Out with a bang

2012 went out with a bang, and a splash.
It was very, very wet round here. The Dyfi river wasn't quite bursting it's banks, but it wasn't far off. The rivers this close to the hills tend to be small and fast flowing, so when they flood there is a lot of water moving very very fast.

The river does a sharp meander here, and your can just see the water cutting the corner slightly, as an old university friend of mind would say it was geography in action, eventually the river will wear away at the banks and straighten. In the back eddy were full size trees, being tossed around like match sticks. This video clip gives you a better idea.

Just round the corner the river goes past a house, not many houses round here are built this close to rivers, precisely because they flood so often, this house must once have been a mill.

These trees are in the back garden of the house, they were bending, but it's amazing how strong a tree actually is, the force of water hitting them must have been incredible. 

Things have calmed down a lot weather wise since then, in fact New Years Day was actually dry! Though things have reverted to normal today, and it's still raining....

Coming up, a post where I promise not to mention rain...

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