Thursday, 4 October 2012

Learn to Spin

One of the frequent questions I get asked in relation to my Learn to Spin kits is "what can I make with the yarn I've spun"

The answer, is as ever, it depends. It depends on how quickly you grasp the technique, how consistent your yarn is, and what you like making.

Some people, it has to be said, are naturals, this is Pip's 3rd ever yarn, made using the batt and handblended roving from the kits

I want to hate her, but she such a lovely person that I can't quite manage it!
That's 85g of fibre turned in to 156m of sport weight yarn. 

And then a pair of flip top mittens. Knitted quite densely to keep the chill off.


For anyone who's wondering about what to make with first skeins of handspun, mittens are a pretty good answer. They don't need much yardage, and tend to get worn in quite quickly. Moving the fabric as you move your hands evens out the stitches and fluff fills any slightly looser sections. 


  1. I love your comment "I want to hate her"!! I imagine you teach in person, so you know if people have managed to teach themselves just with your kits? I'm very much a "have a go at home o my own with youtube" type learner, but on the other hand I was supposed to start teaching myself needlefelting a few months ago and that hasn't happened yet!

    1. Plenty of people, if you want to ask them about it there's quite a few of them over on my revelry group.