Thursday, 9 August 2012


We'd not seen any  of these lovely creatures for a while. Who know's why they're called slow, because they can be anything but!

Can you tell what it is?
Maybe a close up will help....

Not a snake, but a slow worm. A lovely healthy adult. 

We're lucky to have a healthy population living in the garden. The damp cool weather has meant we've not seen them much, but as it's warmed up over the last few days they've been basking in the sun.


  1. Hello from a new spinner. Stumbled upon your blog and am loving the vibe.

  2. Nice! I had to google this, I've never heard of slow worms. Was he easy to catch for his close-up?

    1. They tend to try to play dead, so they're pretty easy to pick up. We always do it with a bit of caution though as we don't want to hurt or damage them.

  3. GAH! I dunno that "lovely" is the first adjective I'd use in relation to those things, but after Googling I agree that they're pretty neat :) I never knew there were limbless reptiles besides snakes!