Saturday, 24 March 2012

Nodding in the sunshine

Summer appears to have arrived a little early this year....
Last year we had our hottest weather in April, this year it's come even earlier and March is being glorious. The garden here had been neglected for many years, but sometime in the past someone had planted loads of daffodils in our garden. They fill the front garden, and are planted all along the fence at the back of the house. 

Some are the very simple classic shape, but some are more frilly, and silly looking. I never really though Daffodils had a scent, but when you have this many in flower all at once they smell glorious.

A few of them are in a vase brightening up my living room, and a few of them were used to make this.

Naturally dyed Shetland/Silk. It's listed in the shop now. 

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  1. The colour of that fibre is divine!