Thursday, 5 January 2012

Wild and Windy

The weather here has been wild recently. While we've not experienced the structural damage sustained by many, at times it has felt like the house will be swept away. We live in quite an exposed spot, and there's not much shelter as the wind whistles up the valley and hits the end of the house. I don't feel like I've had a good nights sleep in a few days, and the noise during the daytime has driven me batty. We're just inland from Aberystwyth where the roof was peeled off the National Library of Wales by the high winds.

Another downside of the wind is the rate at which the fire burns wood. Normally the fire glows away gently, but with gale force winds drawing it you end up with something similar to a raging inferno!

Roaring fire

Tonight the wind has dyed down a lot, thank goodness, maybe I can get a good nights sleep, now would it be too much to ask for some properly cold winter weather?

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