Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Clever Spinners

There have been some very clever spinners at work recently. Even better they're been sharing their pictures in my Ravelry group, I absolutely love seeing what people make with my fibre. In an idea world I'd keep and spin it all, but this is reality, and it going to new homes, and becoming yarn, and then finished items is the next best thing!

The lovely Handa bought some of my Light Rainbow roving.

This is 70% British Shetland, 30% Silk, I card it up on my drum carder to make a rainbow batt, but then I use a diz to pull it off as a strip of roving rather than a batt. This way you get a length of fibre that changes colour gradually, and it's super light, fluffy, and easy to draft.

When you spin it up you end up with a skein of yarn like this

Pretty, but nothing remarkable, what Helen did next is the breath taking part.

The pattern is Boneyard for those that need to know.


  1. Wow, this is beautiful! I'm going to have get my greedy hands on some of that fiber sooner or later! :)

  2. Absolutely stunning... that makes me wish I'd kept on spinning!