Friday, 30 December 2011

A new lease of life

I love buying things at our local auction, it's a treasure trove of all sorts of goodies. A lot of the items that get entered for sale really ought to go straight to the local recycling centre, but every now and again a real gem appears, you also get some real bargains, I bought a whole box full of ceramic jugs for £1 recently.
This little beauty of a sewing box had obviously been much used and loved, there were still pins, and pattern pieces lurking about inside it, however it was in need of a bit of a refurb, the lining was falling out, the varnish flaking off, and it was just looking a little tired.
I sanded off the old varnish (though I kept the original Murco brand mark), gave her a coat of oil, and re-glued the lining. She now sits beside the sofa and holds all my knitting notions (yes, I do have a lot of bits!).

In total she cost the princely sum of £16, an awful lot less than what I'd pay for a new box, and it wouldn't be anywhere near as lovely!

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  1. It looks lovely :) And you've just reminded me that I have a similar (although not so well made) box in the loft, which I relegated to a box to store screws and nails in years ago when I wasn't doing anything crafty - it might be time to restore it to its original use!