Thursday, 15 December 2011

December 15th

If you're in to handmade gifts and know people who like to create and make things this blog has a great collection of things to gift in jars, not so great if you need to post your presents, but a really sweet gifting idea.

This would be a really useful, yet pretty way to gift someone a sewing kit, usable amounts of thread rather than the tiny amounts you get in some kits, some proper size safety pins, buttons that you wouldn't mind sewing on to something, and scissors that will actually cut!

This idea I could see being transformed for some friends I have that are in to biking, a few energy gels, some nice flapjack, and a bit of investigation to find out the size and make of inner tube they use and you have a present that is actually useful, and nicely presented. If you wanted you could throw in a subscription to a good magazine, I've bought Singletrack subscriptions for a few people and they've all been really pleased with it.

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  1. I'm loving your advent calendar, but this is my absolute favourite so far! (Well, this and the frozen bubbles.) How come things look so much nicer in jars?