Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Not quite Making Monday

So it's a day late, but I got side tracked yesterday and before I knew it, it was too dark to take photos!
Following on from the successful fleece washing (it's now all dry and in pillow cases under my bed), here's an idea for non-successful fleece washing.

Back when I first started becoming interested in preparing my own fleece to spin, I lived in a small flat in Sheffield. Not very handy for fleece washing or drying. My fleece washing was limited to visits home, I'd bought 2 fleeces from Woolfest that year, one I managed to wash and dry during the summer holidays, the other I had to leave for Mum to finish off. When I next made it home in October it turned out Mum had got a bit enthusiastic with the washing and somehow managed to felt the fleece.
Rather than just chuck it on the compost heap we decided to salvage some of it, our floors are solid slate slabs that rest directly on the earth floor (our reward for a 200 year old house is permanently cold feet!). It's particularly bad in the kitchen as the cold seaps through whatever you have on your feet.

Which is where this comes in!


A peg loom woven rug from rescued felted fleece. As time goes on it will compact and squash down, but will be rather welcome to insulate our toes from the floor when we're standing cooking or washing up. When it gets too grubby it can go in the washing machine (and maybe felt a bit more!)


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