Saturday, 6 August 2011


Summer means green for me, August is when the plants really seem to take off. We had a hot April, and a damp May and June, it's taken the plants a while to work out that this really is summer!
There's lots of inspiration for colour at this time of year. I love Sweet Peas, not just for their delicate colours but also for their beautiful scent.


The colours in these beauties, inspired this roving, unfortunately while I can capture colour, I can't work the same magic on scent!

For today, how about some Honeysuckle?


Or some Nasturtiums (which also taste rather nice in salads)?


Or a Sunflower?

Of course all this growth also means plenty of dye material, there's a few fresh braids of fibre that just need to dry so I can upload them in to the shop.


  1. That there fibre is pretty enough to make me want to learn to knit!

  2. Roving with the nasturtium colours in would be wonderful too!

    (If I did that, and based it on my nasturtiums, it would have to include black - for the blackfly which are eating them up...)