Saturday, 11 June 2011

Riding in Wales

Mum and I just got back from a weeks riding. We started at Hay-On-Wye and ended up nearly back at home on the beach at Ynyslas. We only got very wet on one day, and on the others we had a few showers, but some fantastic sunshine and beautiful views.

This photo in particular makes me smile so much.

The weather was rather cold for June though, I only rode in a T-Shirt on the first day.

By the end of the holiday going along the beach I was well wrapped up in my waterproof!


We go from hotel/B&B to hotel/B&B carrying everything in the saddle bags, it's amazing how little you can get away with taking when you really try. You ride in one set of clothes, and have another set for the evening, add in a couple of books and some knitting and you're all set!
The horses we ride belong to the company who organise the holiday, and are really fantastic, they're very hard to spook, forward going, and will go for miles (the longest we did was 25 miles).
Now I'm back home I'm finishing off marking exam papers and then it's back to stocking up the shop.

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