Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Beach

I've not posted for a while, sorry about that...
I've been busy building up stock in the shop (I start exam marking in a week, and then go on holiday so will be too busy to play with fluff and sparkle for a while), and I went back to Sheffield for a weekend. BeforeI made the decision to leave work I booked my Rainbows to go on an overnight trip, and I felt like I couldn't let them down. I also got to catch up with some friends which was nice. The Rainbows were as lovely as ever, though I finished the weekend exhausted.
We made some gorgeous Fairy Houses though.



I spent the next few days catching up with things, and yesterday we took the dogs out for the morning. We went up to a place called The Blue Lagoon, which is a flooded slate mine above Fairbourne. The water is very very deep, and in the sunshne really is bright blue. The dogs had a lovely time fetching sticks, though Meg had a shock when she went out of her depth.


After that we went down to the beach, the dogs ran themselves ragged chasing after balls, and we waded through the streams trying not to go above welly height. Topped off by coffee and homemade jam tarts in the sand dune, and then chips at lunch it was a rather lovely day.


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