Monday, 28 February 2011

Now with even fewer coherent sentences

I possibly shouldn't be trying to write this now as I just had a tooth extracted, my mental state may be somewhat questionable...

However, we can but try.

As you may have noticed I have a bit of a thing about churches, it's not the fact that they are a church so much, as the architecture, and that they are places of extraordinary beauty.
No churches survive from the time of this cross, but even it has a simple beauty, something about the proportions and the setting speaks to me.


Some of them are just plain magnificent, and come complete with a crypt.



Others are far more traditional, yet still have there own unique features, this screen is just fantastic.


We often plan a day out and then visit a church as part of that day, mostly with the help of this book, we definitely didn't pay £140 for it, and I'm fairly certain you can get it from somewhere, but if not there are probably other equally good books.

I'm now off to work out what I might be able to eat tonight.... the answer could well be, not much. I knew I should have found time for lunch before I went to the dentist, even if it meant eating in front of a class!


  1. Ooh, is that first church the one at Lastingham? I love the crypt there. And there's a very good pub just opposite!

  2. It is the church at Lastingham, thank you for reminding me, my fuddled brain couldn't quite remember!