Friday, 3 December 2010


Last year I wanted to make a Christmas stocking, I couldn't find any I liked. I wanted it to be in red, white and green and be traditional looking, or and because I was skint I didn't really want to pay for it.
Over the Christmas holidays I sat down with a notebook containing square paper and I drew things. I am not a good drawer, I can sketch given enough time, but I am not one of those people who can produce a realistic looking drawing in 5 minutes. However designing colourwork motifs involved colouring in little squares until you're happy! I can do that sort of drawing.
I worked out how many stitches I wanted to do the stocking on and adapted the sketches to fill that many squares and minimise the floats on the reverse side.
It was just the sort of therapeutic work that averts all the stress of Christmas. I then looked back at features I'd liked on other socks and stockings I'd knitted and reminded myself how to do them.
By the end of the holidays I had a stocking. It then was put away with all the other Christmas decorations. Roll forward 9 months and I decided that I'd quite like to knit another stocking as a present for a friend. If I was going to reverse engineer what I'd done I thought I might as well write down the pattern.

And here it is-
Meet Tis The Season Stocking
It's available from p/hop which stands for pennies per hour of pleasure. If like me you're skint then download it and donate what you can afford, if you can afford more later come back and donate again, if you really can't afford anything download it anyway, come back when you've a bit more spare cash and donate then, no one will ever know as it's an honesty box system.
All money raised goes to help MSF who are a fantastic charity helping people all over the world every day of the year.

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