Friday, 26 November 2010

Falling down

My blogging effort has rather fallen down recently, work has got a little crazy, and we're in to the time of year where I don't see daylight during the week.
On top of that I spent last weekend in Wales with Mum and Dad which of course means there are walking pictures.

This tumble down house was obviously once solidly built but was sat up on an isolated hillside, the land is now farmed by 4x4 so being 3 miles away from civilisation is no longer the draw back it once was so the house is now falling down.


Though with a view like this it's surely ripe for renovation...


This ruin has abandoned for rather longer, it's Castell y Bere it was built in 1221 by Llewellyn Fawr in an attempt to keep the English out! Eventually the Welsh lost the fight and by the 13th century the castle was abandoned. Given it's 700 years ago it's in a very good state, I don't think most modern buildings would stand up so well to being abandoned for so long.



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