Sunday, 10 October 2010


Autumn feels like it's really here. After a misty murky start the sun came out so we ventured out for a walk along my usual route from my house.

It's not very often that you can see a tree with yellow and red leaves, and this one is sat right by the tram stop, no doubt being ignored by all the commuters.

Others however are losing their leaves pretty quickly, it won't be long until the branches are bare.



I've had mushrooms growing out of a tree stump by my front door all week but I've not quite got round to taking a photo and of course they are now rotting and no longer pretty. They were never on the scale of this specimen though.


At times today the sun was blindingly bright, it really felt like winter, the bright blue skies, but with a sun that's incredibly low in the sky.

Lot's of berries everywhere, including on the holly tree's outside my flat, hopefully there will be some left by Christmas this year!

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