Sunday, 12 September 2010


One disadvantage of living in the city is that you miss out on all the things that only happen in the rural areas. One of the things I really missed is the local show. You know the sort, the WI, the giant vegetables, the raffle, tomobola, bran tubs, and rain!
Someone posted a link on Ravelry about a local show on the outskirts of the city and even better they had a knitting class. All through my childhood my Mum used to enter the local shows where we live with her flower arranging, and now I could do the same but with something I was good at!


I won the grand sum of £3, just about covering the cost of entering this and 2 other items, and my entrance to the show! My only disappointment that all the knitting was folded up to take as little space as possible so most people had no chance to see why this won!

In all other ways however the show didn't disappoint.
There was the obligatory childrens class of "An animal made from fruit and vegetables" in which I was very sad to see this lovely chap didn't win a prize!


Another childrens class with some bonkers cupcakes


Giant vegetables!

Produce galore


Even a brass band!

I have now got my show fix until next year, now I had better get knitting so I can enter something equally spectacular!

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