Thursday, 2 September 2010

Can't you tell it's September

After a very wet unpredictable August, September has arrived and just to teach all us pesky teachers a lesson it's now hot and sunny!
To celebrate my last day off before re-starting work (I've been off sick since Easter), boyfriend took me out climbing. No actual climbing photos as I was too busy holding the ropes, but I did manage to spot this little fellow, who is a considerably better climber than me!


After that we went and explored one of my other favourite places. It was reccently featured on Secret Britain, but it's a place I've visited all of my life, and part of my Dad's old job was to take school kids to it. Maybe not so secret then...

To get there you walk through an old over grown woodland, I love walking through woods like this, so much to see, and so much you can imagine, particularly if you know the history of the place I was going to....



Pictures never do Luds Church justice. Boyfriend had never been there before, and he agreed that the TV show gave no sense of the scale of the place, and the somehow very sacred atmosphere, it has the same feel I get from beautiful churches.

Now of course I am back to work..... however that is going really well, and has it's own pleasures... I'd still rather be exploring though!

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