Tuesday, 6 July 2010

In flight

Last week when Mum and I went to Powis Castle we spent ages walking round the gardens. The gardens themselves are on a steep slope with terraces and beautiful flower beds that lead down in to some more formal gardens, with lots of yes hedges, and apple trees planted in avenues.
Whilst we were admiring the flowers we spotted a bee going from flower to flower who was laden with pollen. This is where I'm very grateful I have my new camera because I actually managed to snap a shot of him.


It's really encouraging to see bees about, they're not doing very well right now because of the cold winters,wet summers, illnesses and other reasons we don't entirely know about. Gardens are really important for bees because they provide flowers with lots of the nectar that they need!

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  1. Gorgeous photo!

    Just wanted to let you know that your June SP15 package is on its way. Sorry for the delay .... my special order for your birthday just arrived. So, it's a belated birthday gift. =(