Sunday, 13 June 2010

Mary, Mary how does your garden grow?

Well not quite with silver bells and cockle shells but certainly it's growing at a great rate of knots.
While I was away riding the weather was sunny and warm and this last week it's rained a bit and the plants have gone crazy! Some of them a bit too crazy as some of the salad leaves have started flowering!
My tomatoes are flowering like crazy, and even the pepper which has clung to life for the last month has put on an inch. The courgettes are starting to show signs of flowering and I had my first mange tout for lunch on Friday. To think, this time last year I hadn't even moved in yet so nothing was growing!

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  1. Yay, garden! I picked a couple of peas today, our first ones (they didn't make it into the house, haha), and we'll be having baby green beans for dinner tonight. Our cucumber is flowering like mad and the strawberries have green's such fun :)