Friday, 15 January 2010


I'm fairly certain you would have had to be hiding under a large rock to have missed the new about the Haitian earthquake, if however you've not donated and want to, you can go to the widget on the right and donate to msf, via the wonders of p/hop. While you're at it you can go and grab a free knitting pattern as your reward.

The reason for my current radio silence is the return to work, this term is going much better, though I'm still busy, and the presence of a new bloke in my life. He might make an odd appearance now and again on here, I'd hate to think I'd not mentioned it.

I'm still knitting, still procrastinating, still working my own little brand of crazy, but best of all, I'm enjoying life massively right now.


  1. woohoo a new bloke!! Is the chap you had drinks with before Christmas??!