Thursday, 4 June 2009

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging silence with the following news

Yes I know, I'm not posting much right now. School isn't so much busy but is turning in to a list of things to do rather than teaching. It's report season, and I seem to be spending hours sat at a computer. I'm also moving house in less than a month (even though I've packed all of 2 boxes, that somehow also seems to be a good excuse!)]

Anyway I finally did something with the pile of knitting that was waiting for a wash and a block (blocking is when you pin stuff out and stretch it, it evens out all the stitches if you're a non-knitter)

One row handspun scarf
This dreadful photo is one row handspun scarf with some of my handspun. It's 3 ply merino, 2 ply's are white and one was a variety of colours.

Tangling Leaves and Vines scarf
This Travelling vines and lace scarf knitted up in the sea glass lochan that came in the solid club a few months ago.

Long awaited leg warmers
and this is a solitary alpaca leg warmer. There is a second but I knit it first on smaller needles and realised it didn't go over my calves...

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