Sunday, 13 December 2009


The lovely Sam over at The Life and Times of Me has just nominated me for an award. These things might only be a bit of silly fun, but it's made me feel better so I'm not one to turn it down!

Apparently I need to pick 7 others to nominate... this may be tricky! And tell you 7 new things about myself (after doing a few of these types of things I'm running out of material I'm happy to have out there in writing!

Anyway some nominations-
The delightful Mfamama has just got back in to blogging after a messy divorce.
The fabulous hairy farmer family because she deserves it!
The wonderful Yarn Yard who has helped me get through some tough times
The lovely Lixie Knits It
Domestic Blissless
Probably Jane for inspiring me in to believing that designing my own patterns was possible

ermmm anyone else want a nomination, leave me a message, and go right ahead!

Ok 7 things-
I currently have a serious Buffy The Vampire Slayer addiction going on right now...
I still keep my student card in my purse for sentimental reasons!
I have eaten Christmas presents I bought for other people in times of desperation, and then had to buy them a new present!
I have Button Moon on DVD.... I was taken to see the stage show multiple times as a child.
Marmite, I'm firmly on the love it side of the camp
I crashed my first ever car in to a wall doing 30mph, it was mostly made of plastic so was written off!
I will read just about anything but most of all I love historical fiction.

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  1. Yes, a bit silly but a lot of fun!! And I'll let you in on a guilty secret - I have eaten Easter Eggs that I bought for my brothers when I was a teenage!!! (so you're not alone there!!)

    Now you are just going to have to explain just how you managed to crash a car into a wall!! ;-)