Monday, 26 October 2009

This is why the holidays are wonderful. I actually get to finish my many knitting projects instead of doing 2 or 3 rows here and there. We're currently ignoring the pile of schoolwork I have to do. That will be completed at some point, I'm choosing not to think about it!

This is the first of the finished objects. The new pattern design I was working on is now complete. I'm waiting for the test knitters to check the pattern makes sense and then it's going to be another p/hop pattern and hopefully raise lots of money for msf.

Serpentine Valentine socks


  1. They are fantastic! Well done on finishing those beautiful socks!

  2. a wonderful job, and I like them quite a lot....
    You are, as always, an inspiration to start to play with colours, and actually you have given me all I need: no excuses are possible!