Sunday, 6 September 2009

Charlotte's wedding

My old boss got married this weekend, over the year she became someone who I could call a friend, always prepared to fight my corner and someone who when you went on a night out would practically guarantee you had a good time. Her wedding was everything I would want in my own wedding, beautifully personalized, relaxed and a true celebration.
Charlotte's Wedding
I'd wanted to make her something special for her wedding, Charlotte crochets and can also sew, if anyone can appreciate something hand knitted it's her. She was the recipient of the Hemlock Ring blanket in my finished objects pictures to the left. I also made a shawl to go with my outfit for the day, after all September is not known for it's warmth!
Laminaria Shawl
The pattern is Laminaria, knitted using 1 skein of Yarn Yard Kelpie which is pure cashmere. How could you not feel like a million dollars wearing it!
School starts officially tomorrow, wish me luck, I may need it!


  1. So glad you had a good time. Shawl looks stunning - congratulations. Did miss you at Lorraines...

  2. That's gorgeous! The color is beautiful - and cashmere? It must feel absolutely divine!