Monday, 24 August 2009


I had a lovely week, the wind blew a little too strongly, but apart from that we only had one day of rain.
Oh, it also rained as we took the tent down, it's now sat in the back of my car waiting for a dry day (possibly tomorrow) waiting for me to pull it out and dry it.
We didn't get any canoeing done, but did climb nearly every day. We also did a couple of morning's body boarding which caused great amusement trying to squeeze me in to the same wet suit I've had since I was 15, now while I haven't grown vertically since then, nor indeed much in any direction the wet suit is now snugger than it once was!
Now I have a week and a half until school starts, I'd better do some actual work! (oh and get knitting, I have 2 projects I need finished for a wedding the weekend before we go back!)

On the Beach

Climbing in Pembrokeshire

Climbing in Pembrokeshire

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  1. What an awesome way to spend a summer day! (I'd be too afraid to even try!)