Saturday, 18 July 2009


School is all over, all in all I'd class it as not a bad way to spend my last week at work. In fact most of the time I couldn't quite believe I was being paid to do this!
The rain mostly stayed away (as much as can be expected for Scotland), though unfortunately the midges didn't. I kept waking up last night scratching, I've never reacted well to midge bites and have a complete circle of bites around my waist...

D of E Scotland 09

Here's a quick selection of the photos, the full set is here They're a bit of a mixture, some were taken while waiting to be picked up after checking on a group, others are Yarn Harlot style sock photos, a couple are of the wheel changing on the minibus, and some are up on Ben Nevis. After all the kids finish their expedition we have a day of activities for them. Some of the kids headed up Ben Nevis, and I managed to sneak off and get some climbing done on the North Face of Ben Nevis. We didn't get an entire route done as we had to get down and pick some kids up in the minibus, but just being up there climbing was amazing. The amount of snow left was surprising, the big lump you can see in the photo had an arch underneath it that I could have gone and stood under, evidence of just how much snow fell this year.

For now I intend to sit back, and enjoy the holidays, I've pretty much unpacked, though the place is still a bit of a bombsite... it's my head of departments hen do this afternoon, and I need to go shopping first. It might be time to part company with my bed and get the day started!


  1. Never been up Ben Nevis , I just look up at it every day but I reckon the snow never totally goes away.

    When I got married a few people qouted this verse to me
    " may your love last as long as the snow on the ben and your worries be as short as the teeth of a hen"

  2. I didn't imagine you were so brave!!!