Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Everything in the garden was lovely...

Good job too. I am stuck at home as a suspected swine flu case. Three days off sounds wonderful, but not if you're confined to the house with nothing to do. That's a slight lie, I've been busy knitting and spinning, and have even pulled the sewing machine out. I have done my year end Rainbow accounts and sorted out changing lots of addresses, however I am now ready to be allowed contact with other living beings again! I am still waiting for test results to come back, hopefully they will arrive today...

Meantime here's the garden-
Mum gave me a courgette she had potted up and it's positively thriving, as are the lettuces, radishes, rocket and cress. The nice man across the road also gave me a couple of spare tomato plants. They need potting up in bigger pots as they're very leggy but I need more compost, and need to be allowed out to get it!
At the bottom is a peg bag that I made yesterday, it's rough and ready but will do the job perfectly well.

Peg Bag

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