Friday, 15 May 2009

Sports Award

On Wednesday I wnet to the Sports Award dinner at the university, last year we won team of the year for winning the national university championships. This year we did the same thing and didn't even get a nomination. However we won't go in to that, we had a lovely evening and I may have danced the night away on a school night!

The start of the evening, don't we all look civilized...

The end of the evening.... why yes that is our chairman, and yes him, and most of the other males in the club decided being shirtless was a good idea!

Edit....grrrrr it's chopped half of me off. Why does my blog do this?

PS. If you're not a twitter follower, I had an interview today and didn't get it, let's move on please, it was obviously not meant to be...


  1. You look fabulous!

    You wouldn't consider applying for jobs near me, would you?! I have hordes (well, ok, at least 2) of eligible single male friends who would cheerfully murder their grannies for the chance of a date!

  2. If things carry on the way they are then maybe!
    I have an interview tomorrow, and one in shetland first though.

  3. Good luck bab.