Monday, 27 April 2009


Oh how the time flies when you're having fun. Sorry for the lack of posts but last week just sped right on by before I knew it!
I was away this weekend at Wonderwool wales. My Mum and I aren't going on a riding holiday this year, but instead we are treating ourselves to a couple of wool festivals over the summer. We drove to Wales on Friday night, and on Saturday went and spent lots of hard earned pennies. On Sunday we went for what was meant to be a short walk. We had a map but the walk took us off the edge of it, however we did have the walk book so presumed we would be fine, well we did make it back to the camper van after using the GPS and adding 2 miles on the walk and going up a much bigger hill than we needed to. Lesson learned- a map is not an optional extra.

From top to bottom, an oak lazy kate for spinning, a niddy noddy again for spinning, pop sox BFL fibre from Artist's Palette yarns, teesdale fibre and sock fibre from Freyalyn's Hand dyed fibre, Hebridean sheep, angora bunnies, and a very old church from the walk on Sunday, a tree covered in fungus from our walk, and some Wensleydale sheep.

Finally how could I resist showing you a face like this!
Alpacas at Wonderwool

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  1. those faces are just great aren't they - I love those tufts of hair on their foreheads!