Monday, 23 February 2009

Gimme 5

A meme thought up by the lovely Natalie of The Yarn Yard.

1. What can you hear, right now?

The TV (Paul O'Grady is back!), and traffic on the road outside.

2. What will you have for dinner tonight?

Cauliflower Cheese pasta with bacon. I had some for tea on saturday and this is the leftovers that are sat in the fridge!

3. Crossword, Sudoku or Boggle?

If I actually have a newspaper, rare unless I'm on holiday, then I'll try the crossword, never usually very good at it!

4. Favourite biscuit?

Malted Milk, unless jaffa cakes count as a biscuit?

5. Which magazines do you read?

Absolutely none unless you count the online knitting ones like Knitty. I also refuse to count the magazine my teaching union sends me, or Guiding magazine!

Feel free to have a go yourself and leave me a comment so I can come and take a look.

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