Saturday, 17 January 2009

The world's not so bad after all

The weather today is being in considerate. After a week of dryness, it has spent the night chucking it down, at one point it was loud enough to wake me up. and all morning there have been odd showers, this is really annoying as I have to go in to town today, which means walking or spending money on the bus (= no Starbucks treat in town), driving through the city is madness. My new Rainbows start on Tuesday and I have none of the things I need to give them! The Scout and guide shop only opens on a Saturday so I can't even put it off until tomorrow!
I have a few things I need and apart from that I am not buying any more, as I need to start saving for my SkipNorth trip, or I will have no money to spend!
I'm also still trying to save for a new camera as mine is rubbish, I've found the one I'm after, but need to wait to buy it until I have some money. Nobody would go in to teaching for the salary when you first start!
On the bright side I have just been given one of the things I was really wanting, I mentioned my desire to learn how to spin on one of the Ravelry boards and a very kind person offered me her spare unused wheel for free. (I know I can't quite believe it either)


  1. What do you teach?
    I too am thinking about getting a new camera, I am always inspired by the wonderful photos on other people's blogs but have a feeling that for me it is talent and practise which will improve my photos! A new camera however is where I am going to start.

  2. Secondary science. Part of my poor quality of pictures is user error but the camera is just rubbish at close ups of knitting, and action shots. I have taken much better photos using other peoples cameras.