Monday, 20 October 2008

We have a winner! (and a loser)

Well the winner part is Han5nah T. the Manatee, I used a random number generator to pick a comment number and then just counted from the top and hers was the one I got to. I'll put them in the post as soon as I get an address.

The loser on the other hand would be me, the reason for me falling off the face of the blog last week was a crazy busy week made worse by the lack of a car. My brand new car broke down 1 week after I got it, and then spent a week in the garage due to the part that arrived being faulty! I finally got it back today, and managed to drive all of 500 metres before I got stuck in the middle of the junction with no power in a repeat of the same problem that was supposed to be fixed.... I'm ringing the guy I bought it from tomorrow. Spending £700 on a car I only just bought has broke my heart!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll post some pretty pictures of my trip to Wales this weekend, tonight I need to sleep, cooking for 60 people and driving a minibus about all weekend will do that to a girl!


  1. oh pooh! I wanted those gloves!! But congratulations to Hannah with the 5 in her name!!

    By the way, I do hope that you are getting that money back!! Especially if it is a brand spanking new car. If it is second hand then....I don't know what yu can do!

  2. Only second hand I'm afraid. I'm going to ring the guy I bought it from tomorrow and have a word as I'm really annoyed that I've had to spend this much money so quickly!