Thursday, 22 May 2008

New Haircut

Crikey it needs to be the weekend, like now...
I have had enough of kids, along with just about every teacher in the place. Most of them however get half term, I simply get the bank holiday off and am then in university every day. The battery recharge will have to wait.
I changed my facebook status on Monday to one that expressed uncertainty about my new haircut, as one of my friends pointed out, how is anyone meant to express an opinion if they can't see a picture. So for your approval and comments I thought I'd post a picture.

The photo was taken at 7.30am, which might explain the slightly vacant look on my face.
Anyway, come back tomorrow for a fix-it-friday post, hopefully I will feel a bit more alive then, though after taking a group of guides ice skating tonight I somehow doubt it.


  1. You're lovely. Your haircut is flattering.
    When you work with children, the vacations always come before you explode!