Saturday, 12 April 2008

Mending a hole

So today has been spent doing quite a bit of work. I've done about 1000 words on one essay, and am now in the frame of mind to keep going. I've also done the other front piece on my Mrs Darcy cardigan. this means I now only have the sleeves to go. I can they scare myself with the thought of ruining it as I try to sew it all together.
I've also got my head around my Rainbow overnight, I now feel like I know what is going on with it, and have printed off a few resources that I need to sit laminating, possibly while watching Dr Who tonight. I've even pulled out my leaf motif squares, as I've finished my sock I needed to do something else that was quick and easy and that I wouldn't worry about little mistakes. I'd forgotten how gratifying this project was. After 20 minutes I've got a completed item, and I'm ready to persuade my brain to go back to work.

however what I'm most proud about is that I have mended my climbing trousers. You might have seen a few days ago that I posted a picture of my trousers being held together by duck tape. This was mostly due to them having just worn out. When you're climbing the seat of your trousers can take a bit of a hammering, you're sitting on rough rock, quite often when you're climbing down off a bolder you're basically just sliding over rock with a texture like sandpaper. Eventually my poor trousers could take no more, as I put my foot on a high foot hold there was a ripping noise and half my arse was hanging out!
However no more will the world be exposed to my arse as I have mended them. They are not trousers for wearing in smart company, however, they still have years of use left in them!
Here are the before and after pictures.


  1. Wow I think you are so brave, I could´t do that, climbing I mean I am afraid of hights. I live in Singapore and went up the Ferris wheel last week and I sat on the floor:-) Embarrasing is just the beginning, haha.


  2. I didn't actually tell her off, just mentioned it because this blog is where I keep up to date with Katie's life. We forget to mention so much when we speak on the phone!
    Katie's mum