Monday, 28 January 2008

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Life is getting busy again. I just started full time on my second placement. I will be taking over a Year 8 and Year 7 class starting next Monday, I can start planning as soon as I know where they are in the topic. I also have a mountain of meetings this week. I was meant to go climbing tonight, then when I double checked I remembered I have a meeting tonight, so had to cancel. I then have Rainbows tomorrow, followed by a meeting with my mentor, followed by I think another meeting on Wednesday. Crikey!

On a more exciting note I have nearly finished my blanket, all the leaves are sewed together thanks to my Mum, and I am just finishing off the border. On the down side, it's tiny, the book describes it as a a cot blanket, it would barely be big enough to cover a doll in a doll cot let alone for a real baby! The solution is to knit another 3, yes 3, and sew them all together so I actually have something of a decent size.
That however can come later. I have had my fill of purple wool and a leaf motif.

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