Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A delightful surprise

I had a wonderful surprise this morning,I collected a parcel from the post office and the contents were amazing. A while ago I won a caption competition over at Yogic Knitter. My prize parcel arrived today.
Prize from Yogic Knitter
some lovely goodies
Opal Yarn

and a ball of fabulous sock yarn.

Thank you so much!

PS. If you fancy getting a nice parcel in the post come back on Saturday when I will have my own little giveaway.


  1. that sock yarn looks beautiful - very colourful and soft looking.

    Incidentally is there such a thing as "sock" yarn must JUST for socks or are you just making that one up!!!? ;-)

  2. In theory you can knit anything from it, in fact the colours for this are actually screaming baby clothes to me. However sock yarn in this case refers to the fact that it is fingering weight (ie quite thin), and has nylon content for strength, it's also machine washable so again making it suitable for socks.

  3. I got that exact same sock yarn (in a different colourway) as a gift last week too! I'm knitting the socks right now and I just love love love the colours! :)